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2011: Fic Masterlist


001. put a spine in your back
there was this small fraction of a second where she just knew how this was going to end. (sarah; casey+/sarah. post 'chuck vs. the gobbler'.)

002. chuck vs. the 'f' word
the girl with the gun is telling lies again. maybe there's two girls. maybe they're mixing their lies with truth. maybe that's the dangerous part. here's some truth for you: this whole mess is the dangerous part and safety is a tale best saved for schoolchildren. (ensemble. part two of au series.)

003. you make me lose my buttons
sarah's always liked playing with fire. (casey/sarah. for gigglemonster.)

004. we made out like bandits
it's a tuesday morning and her eggs are runny; the red smear on the table isn't ketchup. no one screams. (sarah; casey/sarah, devon/sarah. au.)

005. you're failing all your cues
you can breathe now, you can breathe now, but the air is running out; they don't write fairytale endings for girls like her. (casey/sarah. s4. for gigglemonster.)

006. chuck vs. la dolce vita
sarah tries to juggle an accidental date and a tempermental partner, as they fight to keep their jobs in light of the incident in vail. carina's presence puts an added strain on chuck and bryce's relationship, both professional and personal. (ensemble. part three of an au series.)

007. dialogue as a diagram of a play for blood
they break things, they don’t fix them. walls and bones and rules and resolve; it all crumbles the same. (casey/sarah. partial au from s1.)

Grey's Anatomy

001. of nothingness, of everything, of nevermind
an exercise in self medicating, in three parts (alex/jackson/april. season 7. for crickets.)

002. coup de grâce
meredith just needs a few shots of tequila and a warm bed, warm body optional. (meredith(+/)lexie. au of 'yesterday'. for foibles_fables.)

003. burn the straw house down
they can go ten rounds or she can stand by the door, arms crossed and indifference on her face, but it all ends the same. (burke/cristina. for nursebadass.)

004. angels with their great handshakes
five times they remember george. (ensemble. for lovelylytton.)

005. timeless like a broken watch
they meet again in an airport in the middle of the country. all bets are off. (alex/izzie. for waltzmatildah.)

006. bitters & absolut
her house of candles burns to the ground. (alex/meredith.)

007. close your eyes to exit
what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine and this nightmare is certainly ours. (lexie; alex/lexie, jackson/lexie, slight alex/jackson/lexie. future-fic. for rorylie.)

008. we've got no chance of recovery
lexie's come to let these men define her. (lexie; alex/lexie. for rorylie.)

009. cloud up your mind with old valentines
alabama was never going to solve any of her problems. (burke/cristina. future-fic.)


001. at terror street and agony way
there are inquires. six rounds with a shrink, a proper one this time, a pinched faced woman who doesn’t know him from jack, except for what his file says. his file says a lot. not as much as hers, though. (tony/ziva. spoilers through season eight. for rinslet.)

Off The Map

001. this ship won't sail
she gets why she keeps finding a new girl in the shower with him for every day of the week. (tommy/mina. written for porn battle xi.)

The Big Bang Theory

001. you are a runner and i am my father's son
penny takes the scenic route; or how the unlucky track record of the cooper men almost claims another one. (sheldon/penny. written for phil_urich.)

002. glass houses
she'll come to remember the day not for the man but the argument that preceded meeting said man. (sheldon/penny, leonard. au. written for bebitched.)

003. a comedy of manners
of extended morning afters, lipstick stains, historic routes, and inconvenient hotel room arrangements. (sheldon/penny.)

The Good Wife

001. an honest living
they are the kind of people who revel in each other's losses. professionally speaking. (cary/kalinda. for waltzmatildah.)

The West Wing

001. our book won't close
scenes from a three day vacation in your past. (josh/amy. post-series.)


001. you must be a masochist
plan d. (andy/nancy. au version of 'theoretical love is not dead'. written for porn battle xi.)

002. confessions of a man insane enough to live with beasts
they can't hold this together much longer. (andy/nancy. takes place between 'gentle puppies' and 'to moscow and quickly'.)

003. the unbearable lightness
the thing about the noose around your neck: after a while, you forget how to breathe anyway. (ensemble; andy/nancy. future-fic.)

004. freetown
he'd like to run a country; sometimes dreams are better when they stay locked inside your head. (andy; andy/nancy. au take on the s7 premiere.)

005. with band-aids and safety pins
he's taken to locking things up. (andy/nancy. post 'vehement vs vigorous'.)

006. your roots will rot away
an exercise in destruction, self or otherwise; it's the botwin way, after all. (silas/nancy. post s7. for gigglemonster.)


Chuck Unleashed

(2011) (2010) (2009)

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