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2 ficlets {sheldon/penny}

Spam Part 2/3.

Title: One In The Chamber
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Characters/Pairings: Sheldon/Penny
Rating: R
Word Count: 650
Warnings: Violence.
Author's Note: For Week One @ the Paradox-O-Rama that sheldon_penny is holding.
Summary: There is caution tape all around the house and a dead body in the bathroom, blood pooling on cream colored tiles, and this is how daddy’s little girl really learns to shoot.

There is caution tape all around the house and a dead body in the bathroom, blood pooling on cream colored tiles, and this is how daddy’s little girl really learns to shoot.

Screw the heart. Aim for the head.

They sit her in the back of an ambulance and look over bruises and scrapes and hands that refuse to shake.

She calls her mom when they let her. Tells her she loves her.

She calls her dad next. Tells him what she did.

She calls Raj last, because he can’t ask questions. Tries to tell him but ends up crying into the phone instead while he makes incoherent attempts at responding.

They decide its self defense without her having to plead her case. They take her to the hospital without her having to ask.

Her wounds are superficial. It’s your standard break-in gone wrong but with a happier ending than most, and she’s shaken up but not in shock.

On the drive over she can’t help but think that she’s so many miles from Nebraska. That she’s so many more miles from Pasadena than she ever really wanted to be.

At the hospital they check her over. They give her sleeping pills to take when she gets home, just in case. Wherever home is going to be tonight because she can’t go back with yellow tape cordoning off the area.

If she even wants to.

They discharge her after that. Overflow in the ER, not enough beds, and she’s just not high priority. She’ll be fine.

Penny’s always been a trooper and she forces herself to believe them because she survived, and it wasn’t a fluke it was through her own merit, and that’s pretty damn unusual.

The cops looked at her like they didn’t understand where the fuck she learned to shoot a gun.

She looks around at the stretch of concrete, the walkway leading out of the hospital and to the parking lot, beyond that the street, and can’t figure out where she is.

A few days ago she moved out here. For a role. They put her up in a house bigger than she could hope to afford, and she hugged every single one of the boys goodbye before she got in her car and drove out.

It’s an hour from Pasadena. Without traffic.

Two months, they said, and she already knows her next call – after the one that will bring her a cab – will be at eight in the morning, when she still hasn’t slept, to the director to let her know that she’s dropping out and going home.

Her phone’s pressed to her ear when a car inches towards her, short, jerky, unsure movements, too bright headlights.

Leonard’s car with Sheldon behind the wheel and an empty passenger seat.

She chokes out a sob behind her hand, passes it off as a watery smile when she climbs in the car. He looks just as terrified as she’s felt at several points over the course of the night, and the last thing he needs is to have her break down in the car. Raj is probably scarred for life.

He stares at her for a long panicked moment and she stares back. What’s she going to say? Thanks for picking me up after I shot that guy? No.

She doesn’t even want to say it again. Three times was enough.

“Sheldon Lee Cooper doesn’t ignore the pleas of a damsel in distress,” he offers, all he has, and she threads her arms around his neck, half out of her seat.

Her eyes close, forehead against the crook of his neck, and she asks, “You alright to drive, sweetie?”

He detaches her from him, small hands in larger ones, presses her into the seat as if to say that, yes, he’ll be just fine.

Curled around the steering wheel, ten and two, his hands refuse to shake.


Title: The Effects Of Pot Versus Ecstacy
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Characters/Pairings: Sheldon/Penny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 421
Author's Note: For Week One @ the Paradox-O-Rama that sheldon_penny is holding.
Summary: AU Version of The Adhesive Duck Deficiency. If Sheldon and Penny had been on the trip to see the meteor shower with the rest of the guys.

“They’re going to miss it.”

She leans back on her elbows and looks in the general direction Sheldon said she should. “Probably.”

“But we drove all of the way out here.”

“Yeah,” she draws it out, “but they’re high.”

“That is an assumption at best.”

“No, sweetie, it’s really not.”

The look he gives her is just fuel to the fire. She will wipe that condescending expression right off his face.

“Raj is talking about being the rabbit king, they’re wearing half of their clothes on their heads, ransacking all off the food that we haven’t hidden, and this all started when Howard got cookies from a bunch of hippies. Trust me, they’re high.”

This, by the way, would be one of the times she was glad Sheldon had issues eating food prepared by other people.

She knew better than to touch those.

“Fine. I’ll yield to your advanced knowledge of these things.”

Penny glares. When did she become the expert in all things drugs? And alcohol for that matter? Although he’d probably argue they both fell under the same category but whatever. Not the point.

He doesn’t seem to notice.

“Gee thanks.”


“Right on.”

He wrinkles his nose but the quiet sets in. They’re far enough distanced from the boys that they’re away from their shenanigans but could still hear the screams if need be. Because they’re high. And have probably never been high before. Supervision is a necessary evil, even if it’s shoddy at best.

There are faint bursts of light in the sky. The shower is supposed to peak in a few hours, sometime after two in the morning. It’s twenty minutes after eleven.

“What I don’t understand,” he starts up again, “is why they would allow themselves to miss it.”

She presses her lips together, to stop her initial reaction to this ridiculously circular conversation from making itself known. “Because they’re high?”

“Does that cause amnesia? I don’t remember reading that.” He’s not really asking. He’s stating.

“No, Sheldon. They’re distracted. It happens.”

He begs to differ. He doesn’t even need to say it.

“Even you.”

“Doubtful,” he decides.

Challenge issued.

“Really?” She questions.

“Yes. Of course. I do not say things I don’t mean, Penny.”

Challenge accepted.

She reaches over the mess of blankets they have spread out and kisses him, full force, with tongue. Screw easing into it.

He startles, flurry of limbs, and then his hands are on the small of her back, the curve of her jaw.

They miss the meteor shower.

Tags: !fic, character: tbbt: penny, character: tbbt: sheldon, fandom: the big bang theory, ship: tbbt: sheldon/penny
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