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2 ficlets {sheldon/penny}

Prepare to be spammed with fic reposting. Sorry guys, I'm just trying to archive and I've been a writing machine these past two days.

Title: Red Means Go
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Characters/Pairings: Sheldon/Penny
Rating: R
Word Count: 636
Author's Note: For Week One @ the Paradox-O-Rama that sheldon_penny is holding.
Summary: That's one way to kill time when stuck in traffic.

“There’s construction right off of Los Robles.”

“Yes, but there is also construction here.”

“What’s your point?”

“I don’t fear for my life on Los Robles.”

Penny slaps a hand over her face, the reckless movement causing her elbow to tap the horn. It blares for the three seconds it takes to her react and she gets dirty looks from no short of three of the construction workers.

She sticks her head partially out the window, close enough to the front of the backup that she’s fairly visible to them and flashes a smile, followed by a loud “sorry”. No one seems to hear.

Except Sheldon.

He gives her a look that passes for concern. She’s just not sure what for.

Mentally, she searches for a third route back to the apartment, one that won’t have them hitting either gridlocked traffic or either of the usual routes. No dice.

“Looks like we’re stuck.” She’s thinking aloud. Might as well.

She rolls down the window for some air, ends up with a dust cloud coming her way, and quickly closes it.

Getting the air conditioning in this car fixed is definitely the next thing she’s doing. Those shoes she wants are just going to have to wait.

A quick glance at him, at the blank stare he’s throwing the guy who is motioning to the giant fucking bulldozer that’s moving off to their right. Sheldon’s not really looking at the guy; he’s thinking. She can see the wheels turning.

They’re going to end up playing that game with the periodic table again if she doesn’t think fast.

She puts a hand on his thigh to get his attention and he jerks in his seat.

It gives her ideas.

Ideas that are, admittedly, better suited to a relationship older than theirs, but she’s never been all that good with rules.

He’s a stickler for them.

These are really more suggestions.


Good thing he probably doesn’t know them anyway.

She moves her fingers along his thigh, brushing her knuckles against another part of him that also jerks.

Maybe twitches is the better word.

“Penny.” His voice sounds a little strained. She smiles and purposely doesn’t look at him while it’s still on her lips. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know, Sheldon.” Her fingers move a little more deliberately. No one can see, thanks in combination to their position on the road and the placement of his messenger bag. Not that anyone’s probably paying any attention. The woman to her left chatters on her cell phone rather loudly, window down. The guy in her rearview mirror appears to be yelling, or at least talking emphatically, to the kid in the backseat. They’re in the clear. “What am I doing?”

He makes the same uneasy noise that he makes when she hits those speed bumps.

She laughs and cups him through his pants, gentle pressure. It’s fun watching him try to keep a straight face while she basically gives him a hand-job through his pants.

“Penny,” he repeats, again, and then lets a moan slip through, quiet and undignified. “Penny.”

Sheldon says her name like she’s his own personal god.

If he even believed in those sort of things.

The guy with the stop sign turns it to slow and starts waving people through. Abruptly, she moves her hand back to the steering wheel and steps on the gas, not at all wishing to stay here any longer.

Truth be told, now she was kind of turned on.

Next to her, Sheldon hissed at the loss of contact, tried to get his eyes focused on her.

“Leonard’s working late tonight, right?”

He clears his throat, works out a “yes.”


She drives ten over the speed limit the whole way back to the apartment.

She’s willing to risk it.


Title: Light A Match And Watch It Burn
Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
Characters/Pairings: Sheldon/Penny
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 556
Author's Note: For Week One @ the Paradox-O-Rama that sheldon_penny is holding.
Summary: She could stay out here all night if she thought he'd go along with it.

“Any last words?”

“I would only like to point out that what you’re doing is rather ill-advised, not to mention wasteful.”

She raises an eyebrow; her fingers curl into the fabric. “Wasteful?”

Sheldon crosses his arms. “There is, after all, nothing wrong with it.”

“Other than it being the bane of my existence?”

“Yes, well.” That’s an anti-climactic sentence fragment if she’s ever heard one. “Other than that.”

“Okay,” Penny turns it over in her hands, fingering the buttons, “convincing as that was…”

And then she drops her Cheesecake Factory uniform into the fire.

In high school, they burned their old gym uniforms. At least the shirts; the shorts wouldn’t burn right or something. It had nothing to do with hating gym class (which she actually didn’t; she was naturally athletic), so much as it had to do with giving a giant fuck you to the school. Because burning their textbooks would be kind of wrong.

Okay. A lot wrong. She read Fahrenheit 451; you don’t burn books.

This is in line with that sentiment. The Cheesecake Factory didn’t leave her with a lot of good memories and now that she had quit, it just seemed like the thing to do.

She starts filming in a week.

Her foot turns out when she takes a step backwards, watches the flames engulfing a handful of years of her life in its simplest form, and she lets herself fall into the soft sand, putting her hands out to ensure she ended up on her ass instead of her back.

It probably wasn’t the most graceful move of her life. That point is driven home when Sheldon drops down beside her, touches her bare knee. She nods.

They drove all the way out here on a whim just before midnight. She didn’t have a watch on, and it was too dark for just a casual glance at his, but she knew it was probably around two or three by now.

She’d stay on the beach until the sun came up, just watching the fire burn, if she thought he’d be okay with that.

A glance down shows his fingers in the sand, rubbing it between his fingers. There’s this odd look of concentration on his face and Penny wonders if he’s been to the beach much. Or at all.

They had beach week after graduation. She’d gotten in her car and headed to California, aware that whatever she wanted, it was certainly not more of the same.

She wanted to be an actress. She wanted to be bigger than that farm and that school and even the fields that stretched along the highway, seeing her out.

Penny shifts, lets her shoulder bump his, then settle, leaning her weight against his. He holds steady, fascinated by the sand and the crashing of the waves and, every now and then when he looked at her and the flames lit his features just right, she thought maybe her too.

“You ever watch the sun come up on the beach?”

He answers as expected. “No.”

She sighs on an exhale, and she knows when he gets it because his hand moves tentatively to her shoulder, to curl around her like he isn’t sure of the motions but sure of the meaning behind them.

He gets it.

He always does with the important things.

Tags: !fic, character: tbbt: penny, character: tbbt: sheldon, fandom: the big bang theory, ship: tbbt: sheldon/penny
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