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2010: Fic Masterlist

Battlestar Galactica

001. in our bedroom after the war (or four times sam and ellen might’ve slept together – and one time they definitely didn’t)
before. during. after. pick your poison. the cards are still going to fall the same way. (sam/ellen. au, spoilers for entire series.)


001. burnout
there are two types of burnouts. the diminished interest, the detachment, it all fits him. and if it doesn't? well then maybe she's just not ready to dig any further. but this is all before. (casey/sarah. pre-series, possibly AU. written for gigglemonster.)

002. refractory period
it's not just the game that's unpredictable; it's the players too. (casey/sarah. post "chuck vs. the tic tac".)

003. humming live wires
her lips twist around the words funny when she says, “You wouldn’t have stopped me.” (casey/sarah. future-fic.)

004. we don’t need the reaper, we’re already six feet under
there is a ring on her finger, and that’s as far as it gets, or a lesson in loss and newfound dependence -- no, that's not a typo, but it should be -- from burbank to d.c. (sarah; casey/sarah. post season 3, future-fic.)

005. cover stories go both ways (aka life imitates art)
they meet, first, in warsaw. but this is a lie. (carina/sarah. pre-series. for porn battle x.)

006. geography is going to make a mess of me
the desire isn’t stronger than her desire to avoid a repeat of previous history. a man behind a newspaper narrows his eyes that summer and she keeps her body angled away from the man at the bar who buys her a drink. (sarah; casey/sarah, chuck/sarah. au.)

007. the suburbs are all sleeping
in the future, ellie will not remember her summers in the correct order. (bryce/ellie. pre-series, au. written for gigglemonster.)

008. ain't no rest for the wicked
the numbers flip and change. maybe they belong behind the counter of a convenience store, your total ma'am, now hand over the cash. maybe they belong on someone's record, black ink, the word body count, a job well done and a pat on the back. the road stretches out ahead of them. (casey/sarah. au. written for gigglemonster.)

009. the beast within the burden is all mine
when this is all over she’s left with four white walls, the scrape of her chair, metal against linoleum, and one word: why? (sarah; gen. season two au.)

010. chuck vs. uncle sam
black and white. good and bad. don't kid yourself; society's moral code is more complex than that; or a pair of hitmen and the agents tasked to bring them down meet in a coffee shop. everyone walks out alive. bet you thought i'd say bar. bet you thought i'd say dead too. (ensemble. eventually bryce/chuck/carina, casey/sarah. part 1 of au series.)

011. the skeleton that left the closet
amsterdam reads like an exercise in tempting fate. they up the ante surprisingly fast for people who were once so preoccupied with control and carefully measured gestures. (sarah; casey/sarah. future fic. for gigglemonster)


001. the scripted parallel
the eggnog that was really rum, and the confusion and worry -- disguised as depression -- that brought on the drinking were real. the cover story wasn’t. (battlestar galactica/the big bang theory; sam anders/penny. au version of tbbt's 'the bath item gift hypothesis'.)

Dead Like Me

001. early and often
he’s got on what she would nicely refer to as hobo gloves, ratty and fingerless like that happened by accident instead of being trendy, and every time they even come near her she shudders at the thought of where those might have been. (mason/george. for porn battle ix.)

Grey's Anatomy

001. relapsing and remitting
she doesn’t pretend to be surprised when he leans in to kiss her; this has been coming for days now. here's the catch: this has happened before. (alex/meredith. post 'holidaze', au.)

002. operation assume (to make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me')
when george accidentally mentions he's been secretly dating someone for the past six months, meredith, cristina, and izzie go on a wild goose chase to find out who it is. (fab five ensemble; alex/george. mid-season 4, au.)

003. the answers left behind
they say you never really know a person -- until you divorce them. (alex; alex/izzie, alex/lexie. season six.)

004. trade-off
she knew it was true the second it passed through her lips. and that just changes everything. (cristina, teddy, owen; gen-ish. post 'blink'.)

005. the laws of movement
there are four words no man wants to hear in succession: we. need. to. talk. (alex, meredith; gen. post 'blink'.)

006. to build a home
six years later she is a figure on a porch swing; no one lives there anymore. (izzie; alex/izzie. post 'i like you so much better when you're naked', future-fic.)

007. resolution
basically: this is what growing up looks like. (derek/meredith. post 'i like you so much better when you're naked'; for porn battle ix.)

008. the proof is in the pudding
“do you seriously own a bra that doesn’t look like it belongs on a playboy centerfold?” (cristina/meredith. for porn battle ix.)

009. tight spaces
on the plane, birmingham to seattle, she exhibits the same questionable judgment that made her fly across the country in order to see him again. (burke/cristina. future-fic; for porn battle ix.)

010. be prepared
this is so not the way those hiking and camping trips used to end in girl scouts. she was totally missing out. (owen/lexie. season six; for porn battle ix.)

011. five ways alex and izzie didn't meet
these are the ways it could've happened; these are the stories that could have been told. (alex/izzie. au, spoilers up to season six.)

012. walk me down your broken line
in the hallways, they walk close enough to touch. (alex/lexie. outtakes/post-ep for 'the state of love and trust'.)

013. glass to the arson
owen has gone through much of life with a cut and dry understanding of things: if it doesn’t work, fix it so that it does – at any cost. lexie, you know, has always fought these things to the bitter end – she’s always beaten the dead horse. (owen/lexie. spoilers up to 'valentine's day massacre'. written for crickets)

014. snapshots from the other side of the rainbow
grocery lists, christmas lights, adventures in babysitting, torrential downpours, and iowa. there's a common denominator here somewhere. (alex/izzie. either ignoring season six canon or future-fic. written for truelovepooh.)

015. sense memory
a story told through scents -- candles to be exact. (lexie/sloan. spoilers for season six, future-fic. written for foibles_fables.)

016. stuck in second place
this is an exercise in failing to move forward. now, it's all about how good you are at faking it. (alex/cristina. season six. written for clockwork_jo.)

017. show me your teeth
this is all part of her quest to change, to find her identity, find direction; she just didn’t count on breaking herself in the process. she's not ready to hit the brakes yet. (lexie, alex/lexie. season six.)

018. hysterics
lexie's heart lives in her vagina; meredith proves it. (meredith/lexie. post 'push'. written for mrsvc.)

019. intervention
intervention, n., interposition or interference of one state in the affairs of another. or how meredith finally blows the whistle. (meredith, alex. post 'push'. written for liljan98.)

020. a history of violence
this is the wake up call. this is the alarm bells ringing, the sirens screaming, and there is no turning back. (cristina, meredith, alex, lexie. post 'sympathy for the parents'.)

021. the touch of your lips (it's a shock not a kiss)
when she kisses him, presses her lips lightly against his and curls her fingers into his shirt, it’s because she isn’t thinking. (alex/meredith. post 'sympathy for the parents'. written for mrsvc.)

022. monogamy and the common surgeon
cristina's always been monogamous. it's less of a conscious choice and more of a time management problem. but, like with everything, there are exceptions to the rule. (burke/cristina. future-fic. written for nursebadass.)

023. next time, try english
the return of the seattle grace mercy west gossip mill from hell. it's what's for lunch. (fab four. future-fic, au.)

024. next left at cedar rapids
there’s something to be said for solidarity in the face of the kind of anxiety that can only be brought on by family. (meredith, alex. post 'sympathy for the parents'.)

025. in circles
sloan drives them apart and then plasters them together, an ugly push-pull, except lexie’s going to push back this time. (mark/lexie. post 'sympathy for the parents'.)

026. don't be alarmed
in which we debate the importance of using the correct prepositions and why naturally early risers are strange. (meredith, alex. post 'sympathy for the parents'.)

027. drive reduction
meredith stages an intervention. drinking and chaos ensues and cristina discovers that, no, alex never does shut up. and neither does she. (alex/cristina. season six. written for rorylie.)

028. in/out
she's got a choice to make. she used to think it wouldn't even be one; now she's not so sure. (alex/lexie. post 'shiny happy people'. written for scoob2222.)

029. cardboard boxes took us miles from what we would miss
meredith up and left sometime in the middle of the day, on your average thursday, and lexie has none of the answers as to why. (derek/lexie, undertones of alex/meredith. future-fic. written for mrsvc.)

030. like faulty cameras in our minds
the adrenaline wears off. and then it's just her and these four walls, trading one hospital for another, and she can't think straight, even if she's got all the time in the world to try. (lexie; alex/lexie. post season six finale.)

031. grapevine fires
cnn reports first gunfire, then causalities, and the news spreads exactly like wildfire. it crosses first a state, then a country. (alex/izzie, burke/cristina. post season six finale. written for nursebadass.)

032. pull shapes
her sister and her boyfriend. in bed with her. trying to feel her up. just. what the fuck. (alex/lexie/meredith. season six.)

033. alternatives
addison can count on one hand the number of conversations she’s had with lexie grey but she has a hunch that it wouldn’t much matter if she was a stranger. (addison, lexie. post season six finale.)

034. working on my backwards walk
they call this regression. (meredith. post season six finale.)

035. take a hit of this and let's make it last
it feels like her fault. and not just reed. derek too. it all feels like her fault. (april; derek/april. post season six finale.)

036. genograms and alcohol somehow let us know
she thinks she read something somewhere about grief making people prone to odd behavior; the both of them must make for textbook cases. excuses, excuses, and it's because of this that she lets the lines blur. (lexie; lexie/meredith, alex/lexie. post season six finale.)

037. make me a witness
somewhere in here, cristina became merely a bystander in her own life. (cristina; alex/cristina, various others. post season six finale.)

038. five
it starts because meredith brings out five glasses and alex only fills three of them, without a word. (alex/cristina/meredith. spoilers through season six.)

039. dance in the dark
she tells him she'll be at joe's and that's a lie. he tells her he's just working extra hours, there's a shortage of doctors since the shooting, and that's a lie too. (cristina; burke/cristina, various others. post season six finale.)

040. the twist
this is the part where she's supposed to pull back. (lexie/meredith. post season six. for porn battle x.)

041. it's easier to lie and be safe
a negative plus a negative equals a positive. (alex/meredith. post season six. for porn battle x.)

042. a familiar motif
the world starts to gloss, the edges blur. and then her reflexes kick. (meredith; implied derek/meredith. post season six finale.)

043. and it wears you out
it's never the ones you expect; lesson learned too late. (ensemble; various pairings. post season six finale.)

044. let's do this like a prison break
she should've just dove in the deep end. she can swim after all; it's lexie she's not so sure about. (arizona/lexie. for foibles_fables @ the kink meme.)

045. step into my office, baby
it's almost too tempting; aka an exercise in taking risks. (derek/mark. post season six. for foibles_fables @ the kink meme.)

046. the silent game
there's so much more at stake here than a dollar on some road trip down the west coast. (mark/lexie. post season six. for anon @ the kink meme.)

047. i don't need a map of your head
everything he touches turns to shit, a backwards midas, and she tries not to touch anything at all, save herself the extra step and the consequences. (alex/cristina. post season six. for clockwork_jo.)

048. my best judgment signed its resignation
she bolts. the irony of it bubbles in her throat. (cristina; alex/cristina. post season six. for clockwork_jo.)

049. the lucky ones
strip away emotions, put up fronts, but just remember: it's all gotta break sometime. (alex; alex/lexie, mark/lexie. post season six au, spoilers for 'with you i'm born again'.)

050. with a plan to use my hands
she knows better. she contemplates the bottle and then she contemplates his mouth and then she ends up naked in his bed. (alex/lexie. season seven. for rorylie.)

051. night terrors
for the first few nights, she would wake up at odd hours of the night. her alarm would be silent by her bed, her pager next to it, but her eyes would snap open regardless, suddenly wide awake and without need for it. (april; jackson/april. season seven. for leobrat.)

052. like burning ants
she sometimes forgets where she parked her car or whether or not she bought orange juice last week; under a magnifying glass everything looks that much more severe. (meredith; alex+meredith friendship, viper/meredith. au future fic. for lexiesloan.)

053. hot and cold running ghosts
there is a funeral and a metaphor, something about bodies sent six feet under and the daisies that grow above, new life after death. it's misleading, you see, for seattle is full of nothing but history. (alex/lexie. future fic. for rorylie.)

How I Met Your Mother

001. stairs: 0; elevator: 1
when the lights flicker and then switch to the faint blue-tinted glow of the emergency lights and an alarm begins to trill, they pretty much give up. (lily/robin. mid-season five.)

Inglorious Basterds

001. alle sünden in eine münden
she knows her from film reels, knows her from billboards and block letters on marquees. bridget von hammersmark is nothing but another german actress, and all of those names are colored in vibrant red, in blood, to her. (bridget von hammersmark/shoshanna dreyfus. pre-movie, au.)


001. mercy's eyes are blue
they’re leaving within the hour. there is a sound like the ringing of church bells, but no church. it’s noon and the bottle of nail polish is this close to marring the clean, white bedspread. (claire/shannon. au. written for bebitched.)

002. oh sister, oh sister, let's walk the seashore
she says the carolinas, she says new jersey – for the ocean. he doesn’t have it in him to say california, and so he just lets it speak for itself in his rearview mirror. this is a story without an ending; or maybe it’s already over. (jack/claire. au. written for crickets.)

003. fight with the violence in ourselves
when he gets to her apartment, unlocks the door with a key that gets more use than it should, her gun is sitting on the coffee table. (michael/ana. alt!verse, potentially au. written for toestastegood.)


001. keep it upstairs
his return is met with relative indifference from across the bullpen; it probably doesn’t help that he forgets all about why. (tony, ziva. post 'rule fifty-one'.)

002. time leaves dust on my scars
his hands are on the steering wheel but they are going nowhere fast. (tony, ziva. post 'rule fifty-one'.)

003. it sticks in the spokes of you
a man flies into town. another walks into a bar. there's a familiar beat to all of this. he thinks he saw it in a movie, once. (tony; tony/ziva. season 8.)

The Big Bang Theory

001. the hokum hierarchy determinator
penny wakes up a week shy of her twenty-ninth birthday. (sheldon/penny. future-fic)

002. it's all in the name
it's a thursday in miserably hot august when the boys find out. (sheldon/penny. for porn battle ix.)

003. the commercial break inconsistency
sheldon misuses the word 'score' in front of penny for the absolute last time. (sheldon/penny. for porn battle ix.)

004. the temporary cohabitation resultant
the five days that changed the world -- or at least penny's perception of it. (sheldon, penny. post 'the large hadron collision'.)

005. the parking lot recurrence
penny realizes the err of her ways. (sheldon, penny. post ep for 'the pants alternative'.)

006. the dissociation reaction
she's everyone's favorite until the next pretty girl shows up, and then the boys are drooling at her feet. and maybe penny's grown tired of that. maybe she's grown tired of the sudden lack of loyalty. (sheldon/penny. post ep for 'the plimpton stimulation'. written for lexiesloan.)

007. team building exercises
penny wasn't a cheerleader. (penny, sheldon.)

008. red means go
that's one way to kill time while stuck in traffic. (sheldon/penny.)

009. light a match and watch it burn
she could stay out here all night if she thought he'd go along with it. (sheldon/penny.)

010. one in the chamber
there is caution tape all around the house and a dead body in the bathroom, blood pooling on cream colored tiles, and this is how daddy’s little girl really learns to shoot. (penny; sheldon/penny. warning for violence.)

011. the effects of pot versus ecstacy
this is the tale of what would've happened if Sheldon and Penny had been on the trip to see the meteor shower with the rest of the guys. (sheldon/penny. au for 'the adhesive duck deficiency'.)

012. earn yourself some trouble
she doesn't know where the hell she gets her brand new shiny nickname but it's definitely unwelcome and mostly undeserved. (leslie/penny.)

013. dead like us
sheldon, penny, and the gang as reapers. turns out the afterlife might be just as complicated. (ensemble; sheldon/penny. fandom!swap with dead like me.)

The Pacific

001. someone smart once said nothing at all
he writes until his fingers cramp, ignores the rain, ignores the looming idea that this is all the punchline to some joke that he isn't in on. (leckie. leckie/basilone, leckie/vera. post part 5, au. written for onlywordsnow.)

The West Wing

001. all these promises won't turn golden
one day it’s a monday in early april and the news is talking about cherry blossoms and a congressman from illinois’ sex scandal; the next it’s a friday in november and there’s a turkey to be chosen and the situation room is looking busier than usual. (toby/cj. semi-au. written for mini_miss.)

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