May 15th, 2010

GA. A/L; show me your teeth

In/Out {alex/lexie}

Title: In/Out
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters/Pairings: Alex/Lexie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,057
Author's Note: This was written for scoob2222 as part of fandom4thecure. Sorry it took so long; this is the fifth try and probably the best with all of them. I hope it's enjoyable for you.
Summary: Post 6.22 - "Shiny Happy People". She's got a choice to make. She used to think it wouldn't even be one; now she's not so sure.

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sunny. i will eat your babies bitch

oh gee, it's a prompt post

Because I've replied to this twice and have yet to fully fulfill my obligations:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/ficlet from the following fandoms: GREY'S ANATOMY, CHUCK*, THE BIG BANG THEORY**, THE PACIFIC, BSG. In return, you have to post this in your journal, regardless of your ability level. [If you absolutely can't write, maybe find a creative alternative, like a mini-fanmix or something?]

When prompting leave the following:
fandom + pairing + color + song lyric/title

* - Asking for Chuck/Sarah probably won't yield you any results. Not my pairing, sorry all.
** - Ditto Leonard/Penny. I know, surprise, surprise.
Also, this post is public (all my fic is unlocked) but really mostly for my flist to ask. Just as an FYI.

Prompting is now CLOSED. Thank you!