February 26th, 2010

BSG. Kara; vices

comment fic roundup, so far

If anyone's interested in what's being posted in the way of comment fic, I've got:

1. glass to the arson, grey's, owen/lexie, pg-13
2. snapshots from the other side of the rainbow, grey's, alex/izzie, pg-13 (this is fluff with a side of banter and so, so, so far from my normal that I don't even know how i feel about it; certainly not my favorite but I've been feeling that way with a lot of my fics lately)
3. sense memory, grey's, lexie/sloan, pg-13
4. stuck in second place, grey's, alex/cristina, r
5. mercy's eyes are blue, lost, claire/shannon, pg (strongly, strongly AU)

I'm working on the rest, I swear. And I really need to stop writing at like 2am because I'm fairly sure I'm not making half as much sense as I think I am at the time. Fail.
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