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Fic: Land Mines {Chuck}

land mines

chuck. how much of a difference did five years make when it comes to the way you tick? sarah, casey/sarah, allusions to past chuck/sarah. pg-13. 8,274 words.

author's note: warning for liberal use of second person, angst, and unhappy discussions about what might happen to a person psychologically after losing five years of their memories.

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i. how am i to be; the watson twins
and there’s no reason i can see for you to stay
our truce expired when
armed with my secrets the fight began

ii. stranger; katie costello
stranger i’ve known you for so long
i found you lost with a compass in the fog

iii. darling, your lover; loch awe
desperate i was to hold onto something
that held onto me

iv. skin; zola jesus
secret home i’ve made and found
a new way to breathe

v. promise; ben howard
who am i, darling, for you?
who am i?
could be a burden in time
who am i, to you?

vi. dust to dust; the civil wars
you’re like a mirror, reflecting me
takes one to know one, so take it from me
you’ve been lonely
you’ve been lonely, too long

vii. medicine; daughter
you could still be
what you want to
what you said you were
when i met you

viii. you were a kindness; the national
it doesn’t work that way
wanting not to want you doesn’t make it so
it doesn’t work that way
don’t leave me here alone

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