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surprisingly uninformative intro post

Name: Stephanie (or Steph).
Age: 20.
Location: Northern Virginia.
Current Occupation: Junior at George Mason University, majoring in Psychology.

Fannish Things I'm Into (in no particular order): That thing Dan Rydell does with his mouth. Nancy and Andrew Drew. The Britta Perry Show, with a side of Troy and Abed In The Morning. HBO war fandoms (The Pacific, Band Of Brothers, Generation Kill). The Bluths. Hunter Parrish's body of work (ahem). All things Sorkin not named Studio 60. Amy Gardner. Alex Karev as a fandom doorknob (everyone gets a turn). Once Upon A Time In Nazi-Occupied France. Justified as a porno. Slap bets. Pawnee Department of Parks And Recreation. Bartlet For Is President. The girl in 4B and the tall, lanky genius next door. Melanie Laurent doing anything, ever. PJ Ransone. Casey/Sarah as BAMF!OTP. Oswald State Correctional Facility. Debra Motherfucking Morgan. Congratulations on your face, Matthew Bomer. Viper Pilots. Morgan Grimes. That show about a struggling writer and the snobby UES girl he definitely does not like, formerly known as Gossip Girl. Jacob Pitts. Gillian Jacobs. Jacob Pitts/Gillian Jacobs and all incarnations stemming from that pairing. Dan Rydell alongside Casey McCall. Brad/Ray as a study in domesticity during wartime. Josh Helman having a Tumblr. My spirit animal known as Miranda. The Cul-de-sac crew.

Fannish Things I Write (Currently): Grey's Anatomy. Chuck. The Big Bang Theory. Weeds. NCIS. Whatever else strikes my fancy.

Music I Mainline: The National. Interpol. Broken Social Scene. Regina Spektor. Mumford & Sons. TV On The Radio. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Laura Marling. Rilo Kiley. Kanye West. The Avett Brothers. The Decemberists. Florence + The Machine. Wolf Parade. Carissa's Wierd. Bon Iver. Metric. Radiohead. Arcade Fire. Stars. Sunset Rubdown. Vampire Weekend. Sufjan Stevens. Ingrid Michaelson. Lykke Li. Frightened Rabbit.

Top Five Favorite Male Characters Ever:
1. Dan Rydell
2. Andy Botwin
3. Alex Karev
4. Toby Ziegler
5. Ray Person

Top Five Favorite Female Characters Ever:
1. Amy Gardner
2. Robin Scherbatsky
3. Debra Morgan
4. Karen Walker
5. Britta Perry

Top Ten Eleven Ships (currently, no order):
1. Andy/Nancy
2. Casey/Sarah
3. Brad/Ray
4. Dan/Casey
5. Josh/Amy
6. Dan/Blair
7. Alex/Meredith
8. Jeff/Britta
9. Sheldon/Penny
10. Toby/CJ
11. Lassiter/Juliet

Places You Can Find Me:
- Tumblr
- Twitter
- Delicious
- Via email: slybrunette (at)

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